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Thank you for your patronage of ParaSaTabi.com. In exchange for your support, we will be giving away items every month to the top contributor. Read the add routes guide for more information.

How to participate?

  1. Become a registered ParaSaTabi user.
  2. Add quality and correct routes until you become the top contributor at the end of the contest.
  3. Check the Top Contributor list here.
  4. If you contributed the most number of routes during the contest, then you become the winner.


  • Only quality routes will be counted. To know more about the examples of good and bad routes, click here.
  • The cut off will always be 11:59:59 PM of the last day of the month of the contest.
  • The give away item will be limited to what is being given for the current contest.
  • Everyone can participate.
  • Shipping of the item is limited to Philippines only and what LBC Express can reach.
  • If you win, your submission count resets to zero. This will give the chance to the 2nd runner-up to win the next month.

What is the giveaway for the current contest? (September 30, 2012)

32GB - USB Flash Drive

Click here to view competition

Brief description:

Store thousands of MP3s, a few HD movies or lots of your documents on a 32GB Flash Drive.

Stay tuned for more prizes.

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